Advertising Opportunities

Minimum investment for maximum exposure!

With a membership base of over 30,000 and weekly traffic of 5,000 members and guests, you are sure to reach the right customer when advertising with Brothers Leagues Club Townsville.

Opportunities include:

  • Advertisement in our Community Newsletter. This newsletter is produced on a fortnightly to monthly basis, depending on the amount of content. It features stories about community projects that Brothers Leagues Club and Kirwan Sports Club are involved in. Members can access the newsletter by picking one up from Brothers Café or at the bar at Kirwan Sports Club. The newsletter is also distributed through the Brothers Football network of over 1000 participants.
  • In-house advertising on Brothers Leagues Club TV screens.
  • Voucher advertising in the Members Voucher Booklet. This book will be given to each member joining or renewing their membership with Brothers Leagues Club and Kirwan Sports Club. Your Voucher will be valid for one year.

Contact Details

For enquiries about advertising through Brothers Leagues Club or Kirwan Sports Club, please phone 4773 8000.