Brothers Cash Bingo

Enquiries: 4773 8051

Bingo Fun For Everyone

Come to Brothers Cash Bingo with 9 sessions of cash bingo per week.

Cash prizes of $200 and $500 are up for grabs and Wednesday nights there are another 5 jackpots between $500 & $1500 on 90 calls!

You can win up to $30,000 on selected days in the Big Bucks promotion, as well as great prizes in the second chance draws; speak with reception for further details.

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere and an outdoor area available, there is plenty of room available for everyone.

Bingo Session Times

 A limit of 69 players are currently permitted in the bingo room at any time. Children are not allowed to attend sessions while current COVID-19 restrictions are in place. 

Monday 9:30am (intermission 10:40am) Session suspended until further notice.
Tuesday 9:30am (intermission 10:30am)
Wednesday 9:30am (intermission 10:30am)
Wednesday 7:30pm (intermission 8:30pm)
Thursday 9:30am (intermission 10:40am)
Thursday 7:30pm (intermission 8:30pm)
Friday 9:30am (intermission 11:00am)
Saturday 9:30am (intermission 10:40am)
Sunday 7:00pm (intermission 8:15pm)

New and Exciting P.E.T Machines

Electronic paperless Bingo. Enhance the Bingo experience using a 90-number touchpad.


Free Tea and Coffee with Snack Bar Facilities available.


CONGRATULATIONS to Jean Dearden who won $100,000 in our Bingo Big Bucks on 13th Feb!